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​​Care & keeping of strawberries:

Don't hull or wash strawberries until you're ready to eat or cook them.  Cover them loosely with plastic wrap and refrigerate 2-4 days.

To freeze whole berries, rinse and take off caps. Place in a single layer on cookie sheets and put in the freezer.  When frozen, remove from cookie sheets & pile into plastic freezer bags or boxes, and store them in the freezer up to 9 months.  If your freezer space doesn't allow for the first method,  put rinsed and hulled whole berries loosely into containers and freeze.

To freeze cut berries, rinse and slice as you prefer.  Scoop into plastic freezer containers and store in the freezer up to 9 months.

Strawberries by the numbers:

1-1/4 to 1-1/2 pounds = 2 pints or 1 quart

1-1/2 quarts are needed for a 9-inch pie.

1 cup sliced berries = 1 10-oz box frozen sweetened berries

A traditional batch of jam needs about 6 cups of whole berries. We recommend you buy at least 2 quarts to make sure there are enough left after the family tastes a few for 'quality control' purposes.

Our strawberry varieties are chosen for their flavor, size, and versatility.  Here's a bit of information about each:

Annapolis: Our earliest ripening variety.  A large berry that holds it's size well through several pickings.  Good for jams & jellies, freezing, and fresh eating. Holds well for several days in refrigerator.  Bill thinks Annapolis are a bit tart unless they're truly ripe, so make sure to only pick the completely red berries in this variety.

Wendy:  This early season variety has large berries that are wedge shaped.  The berries are tasty, firm, and bright red in color. Wendy has excellent fresh flavor & holds its fruit size throughout the season.

Cavendish:  An early mid-season berry.  Large, dark red fruits that are medium firm.  A cross between Annapolis & Glooscap, this berry has a very traditional strawberry flavor.

Jewel:  A mid-season berry, Jewel are large, shiny, bright red berries with firm texture and great, traditional strawberry flavor.  Excellent for freezing and jam, Jewel also keeps well after picking, is good for salads and, of course, fresh eating.  This berry does it all well!  [Can you tell it's my personal favorite?]

Cabot:  A late mid-season berry.  Very large, irregularly shaped fruits with good flavor, color & firmness.  This is a great late-season berry.


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