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In 2013, the Straight River Farm raspberry patch was infested with an insect new to Minnesota called Spotted Wing Drosophila or SWD for short.  We had to close the patch while we worked on methods to manage this 
new pest & continue to raise raspberries.

The 2014 season was better. It's a guess that some of the SWD didn't survive the severe winter of 2013-14. We monitored for SWD and when they were found, we sprayed.  Unfortunately, there are no organic sprays or other treatments for this pest, yet.  The raspberry patch is still not ready to open for pick-your-own, but we continue to manage and grow the patch, hoping to be able to make it available for pick-your-own in the future.

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Raspberries by the numbers

1 pint = 2 cups

1 pint raspberries weighs about 12 ounces

5-6 pints, 4-5 lbs, of raspberries are needed for a batch of jam.

Freezing raspberries:

Rinse gently and let dry thoroughly.  Put into plastic bags or containers, seal & freeze. Or, spread them on cookie sheets, freeze, and then put into bags or containers.