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The last 2 days for raspberry picking will be Friday & Saturday, July 22 & 23 from 8:00 am- 12:00 noon,

​unless picked out, thunderstorms, etc.

PYO raspberries are sold by the pint and we provide picking containers; they are $5.25/pint.

If the crop and staffing allows, we'll offer some picked raspberries - notification will be via this page, email and a Facebook update.

6-8 is a good minimum age for picking raspberries due to the prickly nature of raspberry canes, and the mosquitoes and bees that love the raspberry patch. Children of all ages need to be assisted and monitored when picking.

Ripe raspberries should slide easily off their core.

If you have to tug the berry isn't ripe yet

and won't be sweet or juicy.

Mosquitoes love to hang out in raspberries, so consider bringing repellent spray.

Honeybees really love raspberry blossoms, but are generally pretty peaceful and can usually just be

avoided, or gently swished away. If you get agitated around the bees, they'll get agitated, too. Stay calm and pick around them, wait for them to move on, or move to another spot.

Raspberries by the numbers

1 pint = 2 cups

1 pint raspberries weighs about

12 ounces (3/4 pound)

5-6 pints of raspberries are

needed for a batch of jam.

Freezing raspberries:

Rinse gently and drain/dry thoroughly.  Put into plastic bags or containers, seal & freeze. Or, spread them on cookie sheets, freeze, and then put into bags or containers.

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