Our blueberry picking season is over for 2018.

Thank you for your business this year and we

hope to see you in July 2019.

​Picked blueberries are not available at the farm, but may be available at Farmer's Markets listed on our home page during blueberry season.

While we welcome very young children in the strawberry patch, they do not do so well picking blueberries. Children should be at least 8 to ​pick blueberries and well supervised & assisted to ensure that they don't knock off unripe berries while picking the ripe ones.

Plan to sit or kneel on the ground part of the time, or bring a kneeler or a light stool to sit on while picking. Pick only the darkest blue berries that release easily at your touch. If you have to tug, it's not ripe yet!

Blueberries were first planted at Straight River Farm in 2011.  In 2013 we picked about a flat of berries to take to market - and a few to freeze for Farmer Bill's favorite winter breakfast of blueberry pancakes.  The production has continued to go up each year. In fall 2015 we added to the original planting & those plants have done very well, and had a very light crop to pick in 2017 and should have more in 2018.​​

For recipes and canning and freezing information, we recommend:




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