picking update

Strawberry season is over for 2014.

Thanks for your business - we hope to see you
again next June.

For those of you who think in quarts, a quart of
our berries weighs about 1-1/4 lbs, so a 5-lb box is
about 4 quarts.

Picking conditions can change, we occasionally get
picked out, and we can't accurately project more than
a couple of days out, so please call before coming -
507-334-2226.  The phone message gets updated
first, the website can lag behind.

We provide picking containers. Supervised
children are always welcome (we suggest a ratio
of 1 adult per child under the age of 6).
Tips for picking strawberries at Straight River Farm:

Call a day or two before your visit, but please call again the morning of your visit,
as picking conditions can change quickly and we can't predict picking more than 1-2
days in advance.

Bring Mom, Dad, kids, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends;
please don't bring pets, because as much as we love animals,
they can't be allowed out of your car.

We provide containers for picking into and transporting your strawberries.  Our flat,
waxed boxes hold about 10 pounds of strawberries when full.  We've got lots of boxes
so we encourage you not to overfill yours - for fear of crushing the berries at the
bottom (and we don't include the weight of the box in your total).

Pick the fully red, ripe strawberries & leave anything that's only partially ripe for the
next picker.  Strawberries don't ripen (they'll get more red color, but not more flavor)
after they're picked, so the half-ripe berries won't have the great flavor you expect from
a local strawberry.  Leave the cap and stem on the berries; they will keep better until
you can get them home.

Drinking water, sunscreen, hats, and kneeling pads are all accompaniments
that can make picking more enjoyable.
Updated July 6, 2014
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